Thursday, March 12, 2009

SDI #467 Twenty Questions

SDI #467

20 Questions stalwartly "Canad-iated" by Dave Furlotte, Chris Styles, and Chris Rutkoski as compellingly introduced, expertly orchestrated, and otherwise addressed by Maestro Canad-ioso Errol Bruce-Knapp:

1. Are there more cops chasing UFOs and should the occupants of same speak to the police if pulled over?

2. Why is a policeman the better witness to a UFO?

3. What are the Ufological consequences of more people with cell phone cameras?

4. Does official authority regularly change stories about UFOs to fit emergent facts?

5. Are there more UFOs presently... or more cell phones capturing what's always been there?

6. Is the mainstream reporting more UFOs... because lay persons are reporting more UFOs via cell pone, YouTube, and Twitter?

7. Are military aircraft still attacking UFOs the way UFOs were attacked in the 1950s as a result of shoot down orders then in effect as per Feschino in Shoot Them Down ?

8. Are more reports of UFOs coming from commercial pilots than ever before?

9. Is it really "only matter of time" before there is a huge public outcry from the citizenry regarding just what in hell is flying so strangely in our skies, pray tell, as pursued by the police and military aircraft all the way from simple observation helicopters to armed F-16s?

10. If UFOs do not exist, or are in fact merely an inert "unidentified aerial phenomena" without import or any special interest -by official report beneath significance- what is being pursued and _unsuccessfully_ interdicted by police and military aircraft... as diverse as light observation helicopters and armed F-16s?

11. Are UFOs a threat to public safety?

12. How is getting Al Capone on his income taxes like disclosing UFOs because they are a threat to civil airplanes?

13. Is the flow of information with regard to UFOs largely un-controlled?

14. Is it true that the government and the military have no real control over information transmission?

15. When is a UFO, a UAP - a UFO?

16. What's the "dirty water," really, for?

17. Is Shag Harbor, and other documented maritime close encounters of the "woo-woo" kind, evidence of a hazard to maritime public safety?

18. How does a demonstrated encounter like Shag Harbor slip through the cracks of a conscientious history?

19. Was there a Canadian Law Enforcement presence witnessing the Shag Harbor event?

20. What was the sparkling yellow foam afloat on the water of same?

Verily, with 70 plus minutes _remaining_ at this point, the "barragrugous Zot" continues unabated and with no small vigor, reader! Styles rocks on unimpeded by the smallest hesitation to outline only the facts of the _highest_ strangeness! Then Rutkowski rolls out legitimate all timers, eclipsing all gone before! Not for the institutionally faint of heart unless you're interested in finally bringing those barriers down and discounting a little ego. Though, any of us can use a little of that if current events show that to be true, at all.

The Toad is known by more and more! Know the toad!

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