Monday, July 7, 2008

20 Quesions SDI #460

SDI #460

20 Questions _contrarily_ addressed by Dave Furlotte, David Cherniack,
Feschino, and Alfred Lehmberg as chopped, whipped, and blended by Errol

Bruce Knapp, facilitator for the the best ufological gruel on the
Sticks to your bones, it does.

1. What was the biggest and best documented yet almost totally unknown
flap in the history of the planet?

2. Who's seemingly been sneaking mondo-bionic klasskurtxian pills?
know what they say, go black don't go back?

3. What's _abundantly_ documented as crashed, crash-landed, or forced
not once, but ten times over West Virginia in one 20 hour period,
12, 1952?

4. Were American pilots ordered to shoot down UFOs in 1952? Were UFOs

subsequently shot down?

5. Given UFOs are not threats to National security, why would it then
necessary to shoot them down?

6. Given the mundane and unremarkable reasons proffered for the loss
hundreds of men and machines, why were both unceasingly expended still?

7. Given UFOs do not exist, what were our pilots ordered to shoot

8. If it _was_ a war, who won?

9. Who is it with the _real_ naivety regarding many publishing

10. Why is Stanton Friedman so taken with Frank Feschino?

11. Wither Jerome and Richard and why should these be the first to
seriously examine Feschino's data, chips fall where they may?

12. What sells soap is sold as what soap sells?

13. What has happened to investigative journalism?

14. UFOs have a "secret history" pertaining to what "politics of

15. Who is David Cherniack and how did he get interested in UFOs?

16. When is a basement not a basement but a studio?

17. Is Cherniack's documentary "perfect in every way"?

18. When is a "proof" definitive, or can it ever be "definitive"?

19. How have UFOs changed over the decades, or is it _we_ who has

20. Who has an agenda and what would those agendas be?

Great fecund zots and gravid horny toads! Over 60 minutes remain of an

astonishing Mr. Cherniack, an unsettling Frank Feschino, and the
ebullient if properly whittled Alfred Lehmberg perceiving all _manner_
abject and obverted craziness!

Live free or die fellow babies and other pilgrims, too, mourn with me
horrible passing of Bill Nye the science guy, once a wonderful guy but
now a
fellow of CSI. He will be missed. If he'd only known the toad...

...Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!
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