Thursday, June 12, 2008

SDI #459 20 Questions

20 Questions addressed with so much British reserve that stiff upper lips well nigh litter the ufological Debris Field! Contributing are Dave Furlotte, Stuart Miller, Dr. David Clarke, and Herb Schirmer… as tintambulated masterfully by Errol Bruce-Knapp with some gusto even if petulantly underappreciated by lack-witted persons notorious for using the word "maven."

1. Mary, Mary… quite contrary, but how does her garden grow?

2. Does the Jewel of mankind in creation's crown preclude the existence of all other jewels?

3. What is the "Ostrich Syndrome" and how does it lead to a dirty ufological nape?

4. How does the Pope "allow" the "right" to "believe" in UFOs?

5. Is the Virtually Strange Network a harbinger of the "End Of Days"?

6. Is a fundamentalist a fundamentalist and ever a fundamentalist? Scripture thumping deniers, klasskurtxians, and UFO "bleevers": cut from the same cloth?

7. How does one choose to accept, as real, a flying spaghetti monster they have never seen even as they deny the existence of that which can be reputably perceived?

8. What's a righteous wage for "keeping the grand UFO conspiracy alive" and what is owed the righteous conspirators?

9. What is it about the "End Of Days" that has Errol Bruce-Knapp checking his watch and tapping his foot with no small impatience?

10. Do the "aliens" at once supply humankind equal parts utter deniability and a stark permission to believe?

11. Asked before, but is the "word" not grease… but Grey?

12. MOD Files release: Unappreciated forthcoming-ness or more of the same old artful-dodgy ness?

13. Why does Stuart Miller not believe aliens are in contact with some Earth governments?

14. Would an alien contact a government of needs or ignore such as ultimately non-representative of individuals?

15. From where comes a "sympathy" for GB's Ministry Of Defense and other devils?

16. How are Americans accused of impacting negatively on the ufological?

17. What "official agencies" are involved heavily with UFOs even as they are denied by those same agencies?

18. What would a conclusive finding of bona fide extraterrestrial life on Mars via the latest robot probe mean… …really?

19. Did anyone else get tired of the unceasing dysfunctional space toilet stories every news cycle all over the world?

20. Are the Brits unfairly maligned for an "excessive" interest in bodily functions, both on and off planet?

Zounds, tut tut, and cheerio… but more than 60 minutes remain of discourse so reasoned, erudite, and reasonable it achieves a dryness profound enough to provide for its own abundant hydration! Obey your thirst? They're not really klasskurtxians, mind, but could play them on TV.

Too, news on the cancellation of the Roswell theme park is reported. SETI's ufological narrowness is iterated. NASA floundering? Where's George W. Bush when you need him. More!

Pictures of the "dark" side of the moon are suggested! And then? Doctor David Clarke! Listen to him verbally express a WEB site URL and know why people sing in English. Subsequently, he reveals the "truth."

...Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own! Subscribe, or it's sticky congress with the Hypno-Toad! All hail the Toad. Oh, hail yes.

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