Sunday, June 1, 2008

SDI #458 Twenty Questions

20 Questions addressing the spirit of Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus
(No God Can Stop The Hungry) leavened, as it is, by the curse of
living in "interesting times." Dave Furlotte, Paul Kimball, Brittany
Babakioff, Greg Bishop, and Alfred Lehmberg cast conversational runes
on roiling decks as intrepid Captain Errol Bruce-Knapp deftly navigates the
dangerous straights of Ufologia on the razor's edge. The hyperbole circuit
breaker only got warm reader. No apologies here. That's the way it feels.

1. What makes living in our present times so damned "interesting"?
Is the "thing" interesting itself or is it interesting because our
interest is interesting? Do we generally conceive our interesting
times as a curse leveled upon us by angry gods, of needs?

2. Does the "new ease of communication" we enjoy as a function of
these interesting times qualify as curse or blessing? The Internet:
curse or blessing?

3. What is the "Big Lie," and how is it supported by the internet?
How is it combated by the internet? How does UFO UpDates provide
this "support" or perform this "combat"?

4. What are the "Big Lies" in 21st Century Ufology?

5. How do all "Big Lies" maintain their endurance given the huge
amount of proof and evidence obverting them?

6. Will a ufological "believer" buy into any hoax or fabrication
only because a personal worldview is supported?

7. Can something be too good to believe? Can something be too
horrible to believe?

8. What is a skeptic? What is skepticism? What defines "without a
doubt"? Whose doubt? When? Why?

9. How does UFO UpDates avoid or obviate corporal punishment on your
deceased equine?

10. How much money did "The Alien Autopsy Film" make and how was
that not money made as a result of a fraud? Jonathon Reed? The
Fox Network? Faked Moon Landings?

11. How reliable is in unmasking "Big Lies," Urban
Legends, and Ufological hoaxes?

12. Does "chain E-mail" satisfy a psychological need or purposefully
clog internet bandwidth?

13. The woods are full of kookoos, kookoos... kookoos? The woods
are full of Koo-koos... ...but my heart is full of love?

14. Is there little truth to the rumor that Paul Kimball has
forsaken his ancestral Canada for the United States decidedly Left

15. When Paul Kimball leaves Canada for film forays south of the
border, is he seen off by angry mobs with torches and pitchforks
demanding he not return?

16. UFO Retro Con III was a "cool reminder" of United States
cultural history but serves what purpose for a ufological world

17. What was the "Integratron," really? Who was George Van Tassel
and did he have a strong connection to George Adamski?

18. How is Paul Kimball a leader in the "modern contactee speaker

19. What is a "Jacques Vallee kind of UFO case"?

20. Why is a "Tin Foil Hat Contest" contest hosted by RetroCon III
at once a delight and an outrage?

Zound's Zot! Seventy-three minutes remain of a charmingly ebullient
Paul Kimball waxing on UFO Retro Con III. Additionally, Brittany
Babakioff provides some hope for a continuing progressive
civilization plus a place for upcoming generations in the hoary, if
thankfully unhallowed, halls of ufology.

Greg Bishop shows a brave expanse of wide intellectual horizon to his
ufological observations and provides some demonstration how we are
the better for them, too. Mac Tonnies gets a mention as does come an
effusive praise for John Greenwald of! Yea and
verily, good reader, do we not preview what's in view for cogent
review? Ahead lies all manner of weirdness, reader, where we just
may discover that it was the "noise" that was the "signal," all

...Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!
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