Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BoA's 2010 Baseball Special

Just in time for the start of the baseball season, BoA:Audio returns with our epic 2010 Baseball Special, featuring a cavalcade of esoteric superstars talking about baseball and looking ahead to the 2010 season. For our 4th year, we are welcoming a plethora of names to the special including 2009 champion Loren Coleman, 2008 champion Richard Dolan, longtime friends of the program Greg Bishop, Adam Gorightly, and Paul Kimball as well as newcomers Jason Offutt and's MysteryMan. Each guest brings a unique perspective to the game of baseball, sharing thoughts on hometown teams such as the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, LA Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, and even the Kansas City Royals.

Plus, the prediction contest is as competitive as ever this year as each guest will vie for the 2010 championship and cast their predictions for the upcoming season. As an added bonus prize this year, you can now win a chance to appear on 2011 baseball special if you best the esoteric superstars in the prediction contest. You can enter the contest HERE (deadline to enter is April 11, 2010).
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