Friday, March 5, 2010

Kenn Thomas on binnall of america : audio

Titan of parapolitical research Kenn Thomas finally arrives on BoA:Audio for a jam session covering a wide variety of conspiracy related topics. Such memes include the UFO phenomenon, Ufology & Exopolitics, Disclosure, 911, the 911 Truth Movement, JFK Assassination research, esoterica's transition from the 'zine era to today's Internet based scene, Mae Brussel, Bob Dylan, and much much more. Along the way we'll also hear about Kenn's evolution as a parapolitical researcher, how Steamshovel Press came about, his famous aunt Helen Gahagan, and the economics of esoterica in today's world.

It's a fun, fast, loose, and enlightening conversation with a researcher who has observed the ebb, flow, and evolution of parapolitics over the last two decades: the incomparable Kenn Thomas.

binnall of america : audio

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