Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chris Knowles, part 2 on binnall of america : audio

Our conversation with Christopher Knowles continues as we discuss his epic and increasingly popular blog The Secret Sun. In this jam session style of conversation, we'll talk about the Vatican and Royal Society recent statements on aliens, the sense that something is looming on the horizon, mythic elements finding their way into our everyday world, the ongoing subliminal references to Sirius in the mainstream media, and tons more.

We also present a series of segments from our original ill-fated interview with Christopher as we cover the esoteric implications of the number 17, ancient astronauts and the secret knowledge of early occult groups, and the water meme that he has noticed over the last few years. Additionally, we've got some more tidbits from Our Gods Wear Spandex which include Superman as messiah and symbol for Jewish assimilation, the mutation of the superhero archetype, and a bunch more fun stuff.

It's a fast, loose and fun conversation with Christopher Knowles, one of the esoterica's newest emerging stars.

binnall of america : audio

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