Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rob Simone - Live From Sundance Film Festival


Rob Simone to Host Resonance FM's: "International Filmmakers Series"at Sundance, LIVE, on location!

Main Event Red Carpet Lounge presented by BRAVO


Celebrities include: Bill Murray (Get Low); Robert Duvall (Get Low); America Ferrera (Dry Land); Gretchen Rossi (Real Housewives of OC); Michael Madsen (Kill Bill); James Kyson Lee (Heroes); Mario Lopez (Extra); Celebrity hair stylists Jonathan Antin & Kevin Mancuso; Madonna Coffman (Locks of Love Founder); Kevin Farley and MORE!!!


Main Event Red Carpet Lounge

692 Main Street, Park City , Utah

Join Rob as he reports live from the week-long Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah!

Every new year brings us another Sundance Film Festival and with a few more days left until Sundance 2010 kicks off, Sundance has officially announced the first half of this year’s complete line-up.

The line-up looks fantastic so far this year, with a lot of films I haven’t even heard of yet. Resonance FM will cover the events from top to bottom with live reports and coverage from all the events. We have a lot of special surprises for this years event. - or 104.4 FM


Roy Vargese - his new book

There is Life After Death"

Compelling Reports from Those Who Have Glimpsed the Afterlife!

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Davis said...

I listen to the Rob Simone Talk Show every week. I heard the life after death show and I was floored. It seems clear that with enough scientific research we can explore the phenomenon that some call paranormal