Friday, January 8, 2010

Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop, part 2 on binnall of america : audio

It's the concluding half of our two-part, dual guest look back at 2009: The Year in Ufology with longtime friends of the program, Nick Redfern & Greg Bishop. In this second half, we'll remember Mac Tonnies and discuss the cancellation of UFO Hunters, the Vatican "endorsement" of ETs, the UK MOD UFO desk being shut down, and the Norway Spiral. The second half of Part 2 will cover the 00's, including a look at how it stacks up against other decades as far as UFO research, the rise of Exopolitics in the last 10 years, the displacement of Ufology (by 911 and Ghost Hunting) as the perceived most popular field in esoterica, the rise of cryptozoology into a quasi-mainstream level, and how the Internet shaped esoterica.

binnall of america : audio

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