Saturday, December 5, 2009

Joshua P. Warren on binnall of america : audio

BoA:Audio welcomes prolific esoteric researcher Joshua Warren for a jam session covering a plethora of paranormal topics. We'll be delving into Joshua's latest book The Secret Wisdom of the Kukulkan, his research into "phantimals," his investigation of hoaxes and why it is important to study them, his recent foray into Ufology, his trips to Puerto Rico looking for mystery crypids and studying island legends, his film Inside the Church of Satan, the bizarre and terrifying "demon serial-rapist of Zanzibar," and tons more.

It's a fast paced, fun coversation featuring a few spooky stories and a lot of 4th wall smashing observations with a major player in the world of esoterica today: Joshua P. Warren.

binnall of america : audio

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Tim is back!!! Tim is back!!!