Monday, November 9, 2009

Peter Levenda - Chinese Alchemy

Peter Levenda, author of the acclaimed "Sinister Forces" Trilogy and "Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult" returns to Red Ice Radio after two years to talk about some of his latest work. He has released three books since we last talked: "The Mao of Business: Guerrilla Trade Techniques for the New China", "Stairway to Heaven: Chinese Alchemists, Jewish Kabbalists, and the Art of Spiritual Transformation" and his latest one is on the Masons called The Secret Temple: Masons, Mysteries, and the Founding of America". Topics Discussed: China, Development, Western Money, Alchemy, The Big Dipper, The North Star, 7 Stages of Alchemical Process, Chinese Zodiac, Ladder of Seven Stars, Ezekiel, Merkabah, Daoism, Taoism, Liuzhou, Religion, Watching the Stars, Falun Gong, Tibet, Libraries, Books, Nazism, Language, Cantonese, Mandarin, Could the Arm of the Occult Forces be reaching to Tibet though to China, Chinese Communism Revolution, Philosophy of Communism, George Soros comment on China and much more.

Red Ice Radio - Peter Levenda - Chinese Alchemy

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