Friday, May 15, 2009

Witchcraft Magick Part 1

During Witchcrafts golden era many were perceived as bad. Casting evil spells about as uttered by decrepit hag. Crops were said to wither further still was milk to spoil. And if a Witch were really mad your skin would cover in boils. Where even still born were it claimed resulted from infernal toils. But Witchcraft of today its said is nothing as it was back then. Replaced by Wicca so they claim though still the two are not the same. For one holds knowledge that be old while other new without a clue. Then there are those claiming further absolution on all demonic furor. While still they further bastardize as their ancestors had against an elder faith. Where persecution then as now be still waged in yet another time and place.

Witchcraft Magick Part 1 5/9/2009 - Director J. Burkhart on Blog Talk Radio

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