Friday, April 10, 2009

Adam Gorightly - Saucer Magick - Interview

Slight diversion from the more formal exopolitics structure in this one but it had to be done. Adam thinks those of us wanting some kind of formal disclosure are "barking" and I can jive with that view... it's just as I said to him - I think we should try every option simultaneously - I always liked the clip from the film The Lawnmower Man where the cyber figure is surrounded by a spherical, virtual wall of combinations and he's manically pressing them at an exponential rate.

Many people will be aware of either Adam's website or his numerous podcasts and interviews. Covering a broad range of topic areas including conspiracy, UFOs, fringe culture, esoteric thought and psychedelics - he adds a unique aspect to the search for glimmers of light in this fascinating but murky field.

I wanted to talk to Adam for the reasons above but most of all because of his non-judgemental approach to high strangeness and the hyper-semantic UFO phenomenon generally. As a kind of postmodern patron of the less travelled routes where consciousness meets conspiracy and knowing that shamanic spaces are one of the preferred lenses through which we can glimpse and start to structure the 'alien' Other; Adam always added more [sur]realism than the likes of respectable MUFON commentators or smug paranormal radio hosts could ever hope to.

He was hacking the territory of visions and saucers way back in 1986 when he wrote an article and sent a letter to UK researcher and Rendlesham know-it-all Jenny Randles: grab a copy of it from our archive.

Adam's had a wide range of guests on his shows in the past few years and whatever their background - he always demands they answer one question: 'Have you seen a UFO?'. Trawl through his audio archives and you'll find answers from: Farah Yurdozu, John Hogue, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Allen T Greenfield, Iona Miller and Nick Redfern. There were some one of a kind shows there too - check his chat with Donna Newman of the Raelian Movement - UFOs and the Nazi Network and one on the infamous Gemstone Files.

Exopolitics United Kingdom: UK Node of the Global Network - Adam Gorightly - Saucer Magick - Interview

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