Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tony Gosling - Bilderberg & New World Order

Tony Gosling is a former local reporter for BBC, he is behind the website and joins us on the program to talk about recent events in Northern Ireland, Terrorism, The Force Research Unit (FRU), Operation Gladio and IRA. Tony is also one of the speakers at the AVII conference. We also discuss the Bilderberg meeting, The New World Order, the Murder of Princess Diana, David Kelly, Robin Cook, Situation Movement, Money, Banking, British military intelligence, 7/7 9/11, Diana, Occult, Rupert Murdoch, Anti-Semitism, Freemasonry and much more. Tony has also been involved in the NUJ (The National Union of Journalists) and been interested in the question of Media and ethics for a long time. Join us for an interesting hour long discussion with Tony.

Red Ice Creations Radio - Tony Gosling - Bilderberg & New World Order

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