Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Week on Dreamland: Secret Societies from the INSIDE!

James Wasserman takes us on a controversial journey into a lost city, Masonic Washington, and he does so with a powerful warning that Washington, D.C. is now a “nest of vipers,” and that power has been taken out of the hands of the American people. His view is that we have lost our country to philistines who don’t care about the spiritual vision of the Founding Fathers or the meaning of the symbolic city they left behind them.

He calls for a return to the spiritual vision of the Founding Fathers, that a government and a society would be created that would provide a foundation for true human freedom, and warns us that the current political system, no matter which party is in power, is relentlessly undermining and destroying the vision that make our country great.

Don’t miss this unique call for freedom as a return to the enlightened vision of the human soul that is the foundation of our country’s greatness.

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