Sunday, March 8, 2009

This Week on Dreamland: Above Top Secret - Jim Marrs

Was God an alien? Listen as Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda interviews Dreamland’s own Jim Marrs about his new book, Above Top Secret. This wide ranging discussion of all the secrets that surround us range from what really happened to cause World War II, to the darkest secrets of alien-government technology trading.

There is also a riveting discussion of the possibility of a Nazi base in Antarctica. As both Marrs and Levenda are experts on this unusual subject, you will, quite simply, never hear anything like this on any other program. The Nazis had extensive experience building underground bases in Germany and Poland. They sent expeditions to the Antarctic during the war. And there are a surprising number of U-Boats missing—probably sunk without a trace…or were they used to build a base in the far south, secretly supported by South American sympathizers?

And then there’s HAARP. And mind control, exotic energy and the Phoenix Lights-— and wait until you hear the connection between the sixteenth sidereal hour and the rash of deaths in the Kennedy family. You will never forget this incredible mystery. Above Top Secret covers a lot of ground, and so does this fascinating interview. Don’t miss a single word!

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