Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freeman - Barackhenaton & The Occult Election

We got Freeman back on the program for an excellent discussion about Barackhenaton and the New Obama Dynast, The Black Pharos of the Kingdom. We begin to discuss past president Clinton and George W Bush. We discuss "W" as the Last President. Topics Discussed: Osiris, Egypt connection, The Question of Obama's Birth Certificate, Natural Born Citizen, The "uniter" Barack Hussein Obama, Inauguration Speech, Prayer, Gene Robinson, Barry Black, Rick Warren, The Lesser Banishing Ritual, Albert Pike's outline of WWIII and his letter to Mazzini, Hillary and Barack's Space Race with China, NASA and Nazi's. We also talk about HAARP, Meteors, Sonic booms, Earthquakes, Mystical "meteor" light show in Sweden, The "Green Warriors", Global Policy and much MUCH more.

Red Ice Creations Radio - Freeman - Barackhenaton & The Occult Election

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