Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Andrew Barnes & Paul Taitt on binnall of america : audio

It's another BoA:Audio dual-guest interview, as we welcome Andrew Barnes & Paul Taitt, creators of the film Your Worst Nightmare which details the sleep paralysis and supernatural assault phenomena. The duo will explain just what these incidents are, how one seems to lead to the other, what "experiencers" of the phenomenon say happens when they are attacked, has anyone tried to communicate with the attacking entities, what proof do we have that these things are real, what the clergy says about it, how the phenomenon has been erased from the Western world, shadow entitites, OBEs, the Cambodian connection, the "God Helmet," and a bizarre moment of technical difficulties that will either make you laugh or spook you out.

It's a highly entertaining edition of BoA:Audio that covers a ton of ground in an otherwise fringe genre of esoterica: sleep paralysis & supernatural assault.

binnall of america : audio

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