Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Really Happened At Roswell Part 2

Join me as I join Roswell debunker Paul Hewitt and Mufon leading Roswell investigatorDennis Balthaser in this debate over controvercial subject of The Roswell Crash Part one of this debate took place 8/19/2008 8:00 PM turned out to be a very interesting debate both side makeing some good points however in the end some question were asked I felt would be better adressed by the man who is in the big thicket of this investigation Dennis Balthaser Mufon investegater and leading Roswell researcherDennis has served onThe Board Of Directors at The International UFO Museum Dennis has been directly involved with interviewing witnesses of The Roswell CrashJoin us for what is sure to be a eye or dare we say ear opening experience

paranormal and roswell internet radio show 2/11/2009 | What Really Happened At Roswell Part 2


Anonymous said...

Some synchronicity: There is a book called "Beyond The Dial" about psychic audio experiments, written by British researcher Leonard Lander. It mentions aliens and a lot of other strangeness.

It's available from:

Lesley said...

I have to find that book! I had no clue there was a book by the same name. Thanks for dropping by and letting me know that!