Thursday, February 19, 2009

Todd Campbell - Through the Looking Glass

We go through the looking glass with Todd Campbell who is behind the blog We begin to discuss Todd's blog and background, why he got started and what areas of research he looks into. We talk about the occult and esoteric behind news stories and certain events. We discuss 9/11, terrorism, conspiracy, mind control, synchronicity and much more. Topics Discussed: Symbolism, the Occult, "The Widows Son", Masonic Symbols, Twins, Mythology, Twins, Bloodlines, Kaiser Permanente, Suleman Octuplets, Solomon, Nazi influence, Josef Mengele, Hebrew Names, Symbolism in Places, timing, numbers and the New World Order. We round things up to talk about the interconnectedness of all things.

Red Ice Creations Radio - Todd Campbell - Through the Looking Glass

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