Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ann Druffel on binnall of america : audio

BoA:Audio's longest interview (nearly 4 hours) sees our first-ever 3-part "miniseries" featuring esteemed Ufologist Ann Druffel. Here in Part One, we'll be covering The Tujunga Canyon Contacts from a number of angles. This recently re-issued book, which Ann co-wrote with D. Scott Rogo, was only the second alien abduction book ever written, when it was originally released in 1980.

Ann will tell us how she got involved in the case, how the world of Ufology and abductions met in the 1970's, the "contagen" effect of the abductions discussed in the book, Ann's unique and groundbreaking theory on abductions and how she applies other aspects of the phenomenon to her hypothesis, details of the book including how she felt about one of the abductee's inability to break through memory blocks, the alleged "cancer cure" given to one of the abductees by the "aliens," and tons more. We'll also remember two key figures in Ann's life, her mentor Idabel Epperson, who was head of the Southern California NICAP chapter, and her co-author D. Scott Rogo, noted parapsychologist who was murdered in 1990.

In the subsequent two weeks, we'll be discussing, at length, Ann's masterful chronicle of UFO history Firestorm: Dr. James E. MacDonald's Fight for UFO Science, which covers the critical "MacDonald years" in Ufology: 1966 to 1971. Full preview @ the bottom of this page and the end of this week's episode.

binnall of america : audio

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