Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Current Menace of Nazi Secret Research

This Week on Dreamland: The Current Menace of Nazi Secret Research

Dreamland favorite Joseph Farrell is back, this time revealing secrets about concealed Nazi advances in physics to our resident expert on official secrecy, Jim Marrs. This interview contains information about temporal displacements, the truth about the Philadelphia Experiment, and the shocking advances that were obtained from Nazi leaders after WWII ended, and how they have been hidden.

The information in this program is both startling and convincing. It suggests that the modern world has a hidden history that may explain the bizarre distortions in reality that we see all around us today, in the form of UFO experiences, apparent alien contact, the recent spate of exotic craft both appearing over the US and being recorded as crashing.

Like our other Joseph Farrell shows, all available in the subscriber archive, this program is highly informative and Mr. Farrell's research, as always, is impeccable.

Unknown Country

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