Saturday, July 26, 2008

This week on Dreamland

A Mind For Murder

This week--and ONLY on Dreamland--an expert psychic who has worked successfully with the police will interview the greatest of all such experts, Noreen Renier, about her fascinating new book, A Mind for Murder. Noreen tells Marla Frees her incredible story, and we get treated to some of the most amazing stories of psychic power over criminal activity that you will EVER hear! Then Linda Howe comes aboard with an analysis of FAA tower data from the Stephensville/Crawford UFO flyovers.

At the age of 38, the skeptical Noreen Renier thought psychics were charlatans--and then the psychic world blasted into her life. This divorced mother of two with a career in PR was not prepared when she suddenly started getting messages from a friend's dead grandmother--messages that were urgent and had to be relayed, and turned out to be TRUE.

Noreen went on to become so effective in law enforcement that she is to this day the only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy. She has assisted law enforcement all over the world, working on more than 400 criminal cases.

She worked on the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, she told the police where the body of Laci Peterson would be found--and this is only the beginning of this amazing woman's amazing story.

You will come away from this knowing that psychic abilities are real--part of Dreamland and Unknowncountry's core mission of empowerment, so don't miss a single minute!

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