Friday, July 4, 2008

Dreamland: Secrets of American Symbols

Bob Hieronimus of 21st Century Radio is, among many other things, one of the greatest scholars of the mysterious symbols that identify our great country. And today he's with us to tell us about the hidden meaning of everything from the eye on the pyramid on the dollar bill to why the eagle on the Great Seal doesn't face the arrows. Then we reprise an all time great Linda Howe interview on the drones. Happy 4th of July!

William Henry and Bob Hieronimus discuss such issues as whether or not the Statue of Liberty is modeled after Isis, and why she has rays coming from her crown. They get into the secret reason that we adopted a bell as a national symbol, and the Masonic connection to all the triangles in the streets of Washington, D.C.

Go to Dr. Bob's website here.

Unknown Country

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