Friday, June 6, 2008

Sonia Choquette on Dreamland this Week

The author of "Trust Your Vibes" is interviewed by Dreamland's resident expert, psychic medium Marla Frees about intuitive living. Marla considers it her mission to introduce people in the psychic field who have extraordinary talent and integrity, and Sonia Choquette is the psychic who Marla credits as putting her on her own psychic path over 20 years ago.

Marla had a stunning experience with Sonia, who accurately named names and made predictions that unfolded over Marla's subsequent life.

Listen to this beautiful interview of a great wisdom keeper and teacher by a student whose personal experience of her powers was life-changing. But prepare to be surprised. They not only discuss psychic power and how to attain it, they talk politics, world affairs, and what's going to happen next, in a wide-ranging and powerful discussion you will not soon forget!

Sonia is the real deal. Her programs work, and she is readily accessible to those of us seeking to energize our sixth sense. She offers a free newsletter.

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