Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreamland: Jim Marrs Interviews Stanton Friedman

It's a stunning occasion when the author of the legendary Alien Agenda interviews grand master UFO researcher Stanton Friedman for the first time. And not only that, they BOTH have new books out! Stanton Friedman's new book, Flying Saucers and Science, takes a clear-headed look at the scientific data that's available on flying saucers at this time--and it turns out that there is a vast amount of solid information about what they are and how they may work.

And then Linda Howe interviews former British Ministry of Defense UFO analyst Nick Pope about the rash of incredible UFO sightings that have JUST TAKEN PLACE in England over the past few days.

And, thanks to the miracle of radio, Jim and Linda are still appearing this week at the Dreamland Festival in Nashville--where they, and the Striebers and William Henry, hope to meet YOU.

Find out more about Dreamland here.

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